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The Royal Holiday foundation rewards 32 exceptional students on a well-deserved vacation.

At the Royal Holiday Foundation, we believe that vacation experiences transform people. Due to this, with the support of the movement Vacaciones para Todos and the Youth Support Foundation (FAJ), 32 exceptional students from different parts of the Republic, were rewarded with a well-deserved vacation and recognition for their academic excellence.

Some of the activities that these 32 young students did were: a rope circuit, a rally in Tepoztlan and the camp, sports games (both on land and water), and learning and reflection activities.

These activities were specially planned to keep helping the psychological and social development of the students and help them get more tools to keep taking advantage of their studies and get better at teamwork, tolerance, physical and mental tasks, resilience, and adaptability.

Without a doubt, the compromise of these young students with their education will make them brilliant citizens they will share their knowledge with society in different fields of study. Meanwhile, the Royal Holiday Foundation will keep creating positive experiences that leave their mark.

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