People who recovered their sight


Cataracts are one of the main causes of blindness in Mexico. Fundación Cinépolis‘ program, “Del Amor nace la Vista” (From Love, Sight Is Born) succeeds in restoring sight to people with low Income. Royal Holiday Foundation gives the elder and their families the chance to see the ocean for the first time. In this trip they also recover the joy of living by experiencing the beach, the waves of the sea, the magical sunsets and the coexistence with their loved ones.




“The truth is, I’ve never known the sea. I was one of those who didn’t believe it was happening to me…”

Rosalba, patient of Del Amor Nace la Vista

“I think I’m going to look like I’m dreaming it. One day I’ll be there, in your poor house, I’m going to say, did I go or I didn’t?…”

Abigail, Patient Of Del Amor Nace la Vista

Scavengers' families

In Mexico there are communities that live by collecting garbage...

Hearing impaired children

Thanks to the Vacations for all and Colonias de Vacaciones...

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