Frequently Asked Questions

It is a non-profit civil association founded in 2015, which through the Vacations for all movement, supports vulnerable groups to enjoy the first holidays of their lives. Royal Holiday Foundation was born because we are convinced that holidays are essential for the development of people. It arises from the need to contribute to the community with what we do best: create holiday experiences that leave a positive impact.
It is an initiative of the Royal Holiday Foundation, which arises so that people in an unfavourable economic situation can have access to holidays. The Vacations for all movement is an initiative of the Royal Holiday Foundation, which seeks to contribute to the wellbeing of children and adults who live in vulnerable conditions through holidays. The movement provides positive experiences that promote physical and mental health, reinforce positive habits and values, encourage the joy of living, the desire to discover, respect and self-esteem.
Through the Vacations for all movement, it encourages people from vulnerable sectors to enjoy the first holidays of their lives. It generates alliances with other foundations, companies and related institutions to benefit people with disabilities, children living in prison, children and women survivors of cancer, outstanding young students, elders who recovered their sight, as well as marginalized communities close to urban and tourist areas throughout our country.
Like-minded organizations that share our commitment, among them are:
· Colonias de Vacaciones, IAP
· Asociación Pro Personas con Parálisis Cerebral (APAC)
· Fundación de Cáncer de Mama (FUCAM)
· Reinserta Foundation
· Fundación Apoyo a la Juventud IAP
· Cinépolis Foundation
· Casa de la Amistad IAP
· Institutions Pedagógico para Problemas del Lenguaje (IPPLIAP)
· Fundación para la Asistencia Educativa (FAE)
· CMR Foundation
· Xcaret
· ADO Foundation
· Viva Aerobus
· Volaris
· Aeromexico
· April
· Outward Bound Mexico
Children in vulnerable conditions attend camps with itineraries designed for the fun and learning, organized by Colonias de Vacaciones and the YMCA. They enjoy from 2 days to a week of vacations where they learn hygiene habits, exercise, eat healthy and participate in recreation and leisure activities. Other vulnerable groups, such as cancer survivors, enjoy a 4-day, 3-night stay at one of the Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, with all-inclusive vacation experiences, recreational activities and special dynamics that strengthen their self-esteem and well-being. In transformational expeditions where outstanding young students live a leadership and learning experience in nature. Day Tours for people who live in marginalized communities adjacent to tourist centers, giving them the opportunity to know amusement, ecotourism and aquatic parks.


People in 5 years.

Our goal in 2019 is to benefit 2,500 people to live their first vacation and thus reach the main goal of benefiting 6,000 people in 5 years.


People with vacation experiences.

From 2015 to 2018, 4,037 people have benefited from holiday experiences.