Fun, Family, and bonding!

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In company with their families, 54 kids from a community called Las Ladrilleras, located in Mexico State were able to enjoy a camp full of fun bonding activities.

The objectives of this camp were to promote teamwork, creativity, communication, and having fun. The highlight of this trip was the bonding experience between the family members.

Among these activities there were water games inside and outside of the pool, activities to develop new skills, challenges, night activities such as scavenger hunts, sports circuits, and a theater class.

To start the day off, all the campers had yoga and zumba classes; and during the night they had a bonfire with marshmallows, a meditation activity, and a self-reflection activity where they were able to connect with their family members in a very special way. Last but not least, there was a party for the younger campers where they showed their best dance moves along with their family. These couple of days definitely left a mark on everyone, especially children that discovered how to play and have fun in the activities and experiences that they can take home.

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