Scavengers’ families


In Mexico there are communities that live by collecting garbage in landfills in Estado de Mexico. At Royal Holiday Foundation we benefit people from these communities so that they can enjoy a vacation experience for the first time. In this program we take them to a 2-day camp at the YMCA – Camohmila in Tepoztlán, Morelos where parents and their children, who receive scholarships from the Fundación para la Asistencia Educativa (FAE), enjoy sports and aquatic games, crafts, recreational bonfires, and many other outdoor activities. We want children and parents to strengthen their emotional bonds and have positive memories for life.




“I wouldn’t want my kids to do what I do. I would like them to finish a career. I would like a better future for them”.

Janet Miranda, garbage collector and FAE beneficiary

Hearing impaired children

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Children cancer survivors

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