An unforgettable summer thanks to Vacation For All.

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38 kids that live in La Gavia enjoyed an amazing camp.

The first vacations are always the most important ones! And that is something that we consider in the Royal Holiday Foundation, thanks to our movement Vacaciones para Todos, we’ve managed to shares this experience with different people from the community to help them create positive experiences that will leave a mark.

Thanks to this, 38 kids that live in a rural community called La Gavia in Atlacomulco, Mexico State, had the opportunity to go to a camp with Colonias de Vacaciones A.P for eight days where they had fun in bonding experiences all the time.

Throughout their stay, these 38 kids were part of a series of challenges and games which were planned by volunteers that helped with this experience. All the volunteers had the training to guarantee that the objectives of these games were accomplished.

Apart from this, due to the educational purpose of the Royal Holiday Foundation, this vacation experience had a lot of contact with the environment and ways of taking care of it. Without a doubt, something that benefits us all!

Colonias de Vacaciones IAP was founded in 1965 and it has been promoting the right of having fun for kids in our country for 55 years. Hundreds of kids have been going on vacation for the first time thanks to initiatives like this one, surrounded by healthy relationships, social learning, and self-growth.

Thanks for making this possible!

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