Royal Holiday Foundation manages to support 40 brave cancer survivors!

Biodance, meditation, and a lot of good energy are a few things that they enjoyed in Park Royal Beach Acapulco thanks to the Vacation for All movement and FUCAM.

The marks that cancer leave are visible, however, the marks in the heart made by gratitude and compromise with life are even bigger. In the Royal Holiday Foundation, we keep working to create positive experiences that leave a print on people’s lives.

Last April, 40 women who bravely fight against cancer, had the opportunity of traveling to Park Royal Beach Acapulco thanks to the movement Vacaciones para Todos and the breast cancer Foundation FUCAM.

During this trip, there were different activities like meditation and biodance which were specifically included to strengthen the self-esteem of our guests by combining experiences and positive thinking to help them improve both their physical and emotional states to help them get through their process with a more positive mindset.

In the Royal Holiday Foundation, we are convinced these experiences can be very beneficial, they don’t only help with the dignity of this condition, but it makes them have fun and be happy in a natural environment like the beach, surrounded by music, water, and spending time in dancing with the best allies to enjoy and magical experience.

Yahve, Rosa, Lorena, Edith, and Carolina were some of our guests who decided to share some testimonies about their experience in Park Royal Beach Acapulco, and we would love to share them with our readers, members, and everyone interested in the work of Vacations for All movement.

Thanks for being part of this movement!

Friendship in front of the sea

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