Amazing experiences in nature!

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For the second time this year, with an alliance of the Santa Maria diner, 84 kids and moms had a wonderful first vacation.

This past November, 84 kids and families that benefit from the Santa Maria diner AC, were able to enjoy 3 unforgettable days at a camp thanks to the movement Vacations for All and the Royal Holiday Foundation.

These kids and their mothers, or in some cases grandmas or aunts, were able to strengthen their bonds at this YMCA camp in Camhomila Tepoztlan, Morelos, through different fun activities in the woods.

They all stayed in well-equipped cabins and enjoyed planned dynamics such as water games by the pool, rallies with different challenges, as well as getting to know more about nature, trees,  animals, and the history of this beautiful magic town, among other incredible activities.

They also learned how to do different crafts including a “trip to the stars”, a beautiful activity that let everyone’s imagination fly making the kids feel like they were astronauts in outer space surrounded by stars. The last night, they all enjoyed a cozy bonfire while they learned camp songs and sang together. These were days that everyone will cherish for the rest of their lives.


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