A camp filled with laughter!

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The Royal Holiday Foundation takes 73 kids from a community of collectors to an incredible camp.

The Royal Holiday Foundation, and the movement Vacations for All, took 73 kids from a community of collectors to a fun camp in  Chimalhuacan, Mexico State, YMCA, Tepoztlan, with their mom, dad, or legal guardian.

The kids and parents stayed in very comfortable cabins where they were able to bond with nature and be part of different activities throughout this experience.

The goal of this camp was to strengthen the bonds between kids and parents or legal guardians with a series of activities, and outdoor games like rallies with different challenges that not only integrated the families but help the kids with their movement coordination, self-esteem, self-discovery, and teamwork skills.

They also enjoyed water games and spending time by the pool. A lot of them learned how to swim with their parent. Inspire by the day of the death, the campers let their creativity loose and created beautiful “calaveritas”, as well as the traditional YMCA activity, “a trip to the stars”, where all the kids, with the help of their imagination, experienced how it would be to be in a far away Galaxy.

Last but not least, they all shared beautiful moments and laughter while they sang around the bonfire.

Without a doubt, this camp was an unforgettable experience filled with memories that will last a lifetime and that will influence positively the future of these bright children!


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